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KabulEhsaan Construction provides turnkey solutions for large-scale projects in any part of Afghanistan. Ehsaan Construction’s management and planning represents sustainable capacity in Afghanistan, which in turn generates results strengthening the position of Watan Group in Afghanistan. Our management team strives to ensure that Ehsaan remains the most reliable construction company in Afghanistan. Ehsaan has the ability to plan, schedule, organise, implement, and consider all projections and forecasting of future goals. Ehsaan also controls all aspects of the project through a single point of responsibility, while delivering high quality renovations and building systems that meet all technical and functional requirements. In addition, Ehsaan recognizes the merit of technology enabled collaboration in terms of ease of communication, greater transparency in information tracking, enhanced project management, and efficient use of resources.

Kabul ConstructionEhsaan construction has made a long-term commitment to the reconstruction of Afghanistan. Ehsaan recruits the most experienced Afghan engineers and project managers who are committed to rebuilding Afghanistan. We only work with the most talented in-country professionals, skilled technicians, and superintendents.  Work is carried out by Ehsaan’s own skilled Afghan craftsmen who have been trained to US codes and standards at Ehsaan’s proprietary training facilities. Although we rely on skilled professionals from all walks of life, we attempt to recruit from amongst the most promising youth, to mould their habits around the correct working methods. A certificate from our facility will be a recognized qualification that professional Afghan workers can proudly benefit from throughout their careers, in Afghanistan and abroad.

Internship and cooperative development programmes have been established to attract university students and recent graduates from the engineering sciences, accounting, finance, and business administration disciplines. In short, Ehsaan is committed to the capacity-building activities that must occur to bring 21st century technical and business strategies to the citizens of Afghanistan. Structural engineering forms one of the core technical disciplines for most of the projects handled by Ehsaan. Synthesising the functional requirements of the projects with the input from mechanical, electrical and other disciplines; structural engineers produce the final structural design and drawings. As a specialty, the ASP Division of Ehsaan provides with all management divisions, design services for complex engineering projects, review of projects, investigations of difficult problems, remedial measures for difficult situations, feasibility studies, technical reports and development of proposals.

Ehsaan is registered with AISA and a number of government institutions such as the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Urban Development, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Communication, Ministry of Public Health, and Afghanistan Reconstruction and Development Service (ARDS).

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